Five Pairs of Stylish Commuter Shoe Alternatives You Can Wear to Work – Boston Magazine

Lizzy Barrett
Photo by Lizzy Barrett for Boston magazine

Try these shoes for a comfy and stylish trek to work.

[excerpt from 
Words and Styling by Mia Zarrella

Walking around Boston can be a dangerous and difficult feat, with or without heels. From the cobblestone paths to the slanted sidewalks, it makes sense that so many professionals wear sneakers that lack any style, just to have a safe commute to and from work.

But a safe journey shouldn’t mean wearing an outfit that’s only polished from the ankle up, with a heavy bag bursting at the seams to accommodate a second pair of shoes.

Between sneakers and stilettos, there is a middle ground containing slippers and slides, loafers and mules, and platform lace-ups.

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